Climbing Mount Everest in thongs and panties

Oh haï, visitor from the interwebz.

On this blog, I’m going to tell you about the adventures of a programmer who one day thought to himself: “hey, with all those modern technologies, it’s beginning to be really possible to create a video game”.

The adventures of a crazy person, and that of all the other crazy persons who agreed to follow him on this crazy bet. The adventures of myself, and the hyper talented people I managed to convince to help me with this enterprise.

Because, ok, tools are here, you can learn them, and find the answers to most of your questions on foras, but one has to admit that making a video game without prior knowledge is pretty hard.

To create a video game is an attempt to climb Mount Everest from the north face in thongs and panties.

Ideas, contents, code to link all that, and make it FUN, because in video game there’s “game”, otherwise it would be called “video boring” or something, and honestly, who wants to lose its time with a “video boring” stuff ? (Ok, as you know, lots of people enjoy playing boring games…) Anyway, I wanted to make a video GAME, and many more after that.

But before I make lots of them, I will have to finish at least one, and that one will be… QLRZ.